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Heneage Finch declared himself outshone in eloquence, and Sir William Coventry told Pepys that he ought to be Speaker. Convinced of the need for a competent naval spokesman in the House he began to cultivate an interest at Harwich.

Diagnostic information:

His connexion with the Duke of York, now an open Catholic, and his admiration for the splendours of the Roman mass and for the French Court put him on the defensive in the House of Commons, where his method of argument based on the relentless accumulation of facts won him few friends among the country gentlemen. He made over 70 speeches in the Cavalier Parliament, almost all on naval matters, but he was not an active committeeman, serving on 24 committees at most.

In the debate on the impeachment of Lord Arlington Sir Henry Bennet , he had to admit to supplying the French allies with anchors, and to defend the activities of the press gang. Meanwhile a petition against his election had been heard in committee, and on 6 Feb. On 22 Apr. He believed that, at a more seasonable time, everyone would support the appropriation of the customs for the use of the navy. He may have been appointed to the committee on the habeas corpus amendment bill in the autumn session.

Gresham's Bequest to Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn

But who contributed to them? He can answer for himself. The grant of supply for the building of 30 warships was a personal parliamentary triumph for him, and he may have again been appointed to the committee for the recall of British subjects from French service.

Diary of Samuel Pepys - Volume 32 : December 1664

When his office was attacked in debate on 7 Mar. As Member for a Howard borough he defended the detention in Italy of the Duke of Norfolk on the orders of Arthur Onslow and the other family trustees. He was on both lists of the court party in , and again noted as a government speaker, a description which he justified in the debate on foreign policy on 5 Feb. Instead, his clerk Atkins was arrested. Pepys pointed out that his office had nothing to do with passports, and a reference from John Birch to the Godfrey murder fell flat when Pepys produced his alibi.

He was added to his last important committee, for preventing the growth of Popery, on 10 Dec. At the first general election of Pepys was responsible for managing the government interest in several constituencies. He offered himself for reelection at Castle Rising, where he had purchased a burgage, but the mayor did not reply to his letter, and at Portsmouth, where he had been a freeman since , he was ordered to resign his interest to Sir John Ernle. He sealed his fate with a courageous speech on 14 Apr. According to Roger Morrice he voted against the exclusion bill.

On the day after the division William Harbord reported to the House that he had sent Sir Anthony Deane to France in with naval secrets designed in some way to facilitate the Popish Plot, and the two men were ordered to be sent to the Tower.

Boys Don't Cry By Malorie Blackman

He was not finally discharged until June Pepys was not immediately restored to office, but he was seldom far from the Court. At the general election of he was nominated at Sandwich by the King, and duly returned.

In Parliament

But he chose to sit for Harwich again, though he attended the coronation as a baron of the Cinque Ports. He was among those instructed to bring in a bill for the general naturalization of Huguenot refugees and to consider the bill to encourage ship-building.

In the second session he was one of the Members appointed to draw up the address against the employment of Roman Catholic officers. One of the most attractive of times to his passionate love for Elizabeth. His efforts were usually London near their home. The skilled sculptorunsuccessful. Mary Skinner, whom heat their home in Seething Lane in Pepys impliesElizabeth went up in smoke forever.

It was in too, that other half. Mary Skinner was the daughterMountague, his patron, and the ladder by of a successful city merchant, and had beenwhich he had climbed so high, was a mere 17 when she first met Samuel. Theredrowned whilst fighting in the Third Dutch is no documentary evidence, alas, describingWar. A leopardbecame Secretary to the Admiralty Board, after all does not change his spots.

A slow-burning hysteriaChief Clerk. It seems too, that true to his was developing against the influence ofnature, Samuel Pepys did not stay celibate Catholics in the government and the royalfor long. In the absence of a detailed diary, family. It was well known that James, Dukewe only catch a glimpse of the woman who of York, the brother of Charles II and heirwas to be the partner of his last years, to the throne, was a confessed Romanthough never his wife.

In Robert 8. Catholic, and rumours of Papist treachery Pepys was determined to clear his name,were increasing during this decade, to erupt which led to a second diary being started. Itin into the discovery of the so-called contained, however, none of thePopish Plot. This fabrication sprang from the exuberance or insight of the first Diary,desire for a witch-hunt against Catholics in being specifically designed as a record ofhigh places, and on the flimsiest of conversations Pepys had withevidence, many a worthy man perished as a the false witnesses that had broughtresult.

In dropped through the evidence being, Pepys presented himself as unsubstantiated. Pepys was acquitted inprospective Parliamentary candidate for , and continued as Secretary to theCastle Rising, and although he won the Admiralty. Of course he was no such thing, but time. In he became Master of Trinitysuch was the mood of the times that the House, the institution that cared for navalaccusation stuck, and in he was veterans, and the following year Masteraccused of corruption and abuse of his of the Clothworkers Company.

False witnesses became President of the Royal Society,testified against him, and he was forced to which must have been a particularlyresign. A brief sojourn in the Tower gratifying appointment to the man whofollowed. His career was ruined, his job as displays such eager enthusiasm and a senseSecretary, with its perquisite of a house was of wonder for anything scientific in hislost, though he was financially secure. All those who most considerable offices…all of which hehad found favour under James, which of performed with great integrity…he wascourse included Pepys, now fell from grace.

Like many great men when they generous tribute from one great chroniclerleave office, he concentrated on producing of the 17th century to another. Music runs like a thread throughout The Diary. Music appears to havewhen he was 70, he knew he was dying. He had a profound physical effect on Pepys. Pepys isPepys often complains of his inefficiency. He appears to have been unsuccessful and died in Will Howe — A junior colleague of Pepys after attempting to drown himself. John Creed — A secretary in the Sandwich He became very wealthy in later years, andhousehold, but in competition with Pepys took care of his ailing master.

He was superseded his house in Clapham in Restoration, being personally responsible scandal of making money from prize-for bringing King Charles back from the goods.

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