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In , Showtime was an up-and-coming network with not many major hits, especially ones that captured the zeitgeist of the time. Of course a lot of weed was smoked on the show, which Bichir revealed to GQ was actually lettuce. In September the show finally concluded, with the family remaining intact. Here are 10 blunt facts about the Golden Globe Award-winning series. Nancy just came out on the page. How do you convince yourself that you are still a moral person if you are doing something illegal?

In a interview with the Toledo Blade , Kohan explained what the title meant. Mainly, though, it refers to hardy plants struggling to survive.

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The success of the female-led show caused the network to commission more woman-centric shows, such as Nurse Jackie and The Big C. The song's title refers to a housing development Reynolds came across in Daly City, California, where she thought all the homes looked the same. Because the show changed locations, the theme song evolved, too. When the Botwins abandoned their little box at the end of season three, the theme song disappeared, too.

The Secret History of Weeds: What Women Need To Know About Their History

Perkins left the show after season five, but was asked to return for the final episode. But, it just seemed like Celia deserved a better send-off. I always thought at least just to blow her head off or something, blow her up in a car or something. According to the profile, the two barely spoke, and once Parker lobbed a script at her boss.

The first three seasons saw the Botwins living in Agrestic, but when Agrestic burns down, they move to a fictional San Diego suburb called Ren Mar, in season 4. I literally threw it in the garbage can. Alright, Potterheads.

Ready to feel old? And it seems that the books are still holding up—with both fans and collectors. Forbes reports that a hardback edition of the book believed to contain Daniel Radcliffe 's first autograph as Harry Potter sold recently in the U. The book was owned, until this week, by Verity Collins, an extra on the first film.

Forbes explains that, while autographs and pictures were not allowed on set, Columbus made an exception for Collins, who was battling leukemia at the time. Radcliffe reportedly signed her copy of the book on the first day of filming. The book was auctioned by Vectis , a British auction house that specializes in toys.

The last decade of the previous century—of the previous millennium —was an exciting time for movies. Fueled by Sundance, independent films were on the rise, with new voices like Quentin Tarantino and Richard Linklater emerging. The Hollywood studios, having exercised too much control and churned out too many generic products in the s, started giving filmmakers more leeway, and established directors like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg continued to make great movies. Here are 20 films released between and that we consider the best of the decade.

Martin Scorsese, who made best-of-the-decade films in the s and '80s, kicked off the '90s with what many consider to be the high point of his career: a fact-based, testosterone-fueled gangster movie with iconic performances by Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci who, yes, is like a clown to us. Dismissed with lukewarm reviews on first release, this independent drama by Charles Burnett whose underground Killer of Sheep was one of the indie high points of the '70s came to be better appreciated with time. The other root behind flight can probably be found in the relationship between women healers and the plants they used.

The reference to marshes in the title is important because it is in liminal space — that place between earth and water — that lends itself to transformations of any kind. In a nutshell, women have been healers since ancient times. Whenever I see the word witch I stop to consider the context because inevitably the word is associated with older or old women who have power.

Women healers were naturalists who observed, experimented with plants to learn about their medicinal properties, and used these herbs to heal, to birth a child, to abort an unwanted fetus, and to help humans die peacefully at the end of life. It takes a lifetime to acquire the necessary skills, so younger female healers were usually apprenticed to their elders and their secrets passed from one generation to another.

Patriarchy continues to dismiss women as needing equal rights, including the right to end life if it becomes necessary. Our need to have sovereignty over own bodies is a threat to this system of oppression.

The Secret History of Weeds

We are rejected as folk healers, and as leaders out of fear. If we dare to speak out we become witches, bitches, or nasty old women. We are irrational and emotional, unpredictable, incapable of making sound decisions due to our biology according to this Patriarchal story. Many women recognize that we are a part of nature and can choose to advocate for the Earth understanding that to do so is also to advocate for all life on this planet. We can choose not to separate the parts from the whole. Women and the Datura plant belong together because both are potential visionaries.

Datura plants also are capable of removing lead from the soil and storing it in their roots and leaves. While the plant provides nectar to several creatures in the desert food chain it has formed a partnership mutualism with the Hawk moth, an insect almost as large as the human hand. The Datura furnishes the moth with nectar as a food source and a shelter for its eggs.

The newly hatched larvae are served a tasty leafy meal by the plant.

The Secret History of Weeds: What Women Need To Know About Their History

In return Datura are pollinated. The Datura can then produce fruit and seeds for another generation. The seeds of Sacred Datura are used by Native peoples like the Navajo to bring on visions during ceremony. Overall, Datura species are considered to be highly poisonous; even bees that drink the nectar of the flowers can produce honey that is deadly.

All parts of the plant are poisonous but especially the flowers and seeds.

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Brugmansia, a South American cousin with similar properties differs from Datura in that it is woody, reaches the size of small trees and has pendulous trumpets. Strangely, all nine Datura species can also change the size of their individual plants, leaves and flowers! This kind of co-creating between plant and powers of place is probably much more common than we realize.

Her work is regularly published. Tags: Datura plant , Sara Wright , Witches. I loved reading this beautiful piece. Thank you Sara. Like Like.

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Loved this article. Maybe later I can write more but travelling in Turkey this week. Depends whether I get to stop. Interesting about the word Aap used for both water and for a goddess. It seems to me that women water goddess just go together and we are all heavily influenced by the moon.

Personally I have had this life-time attraction to water… no matter where I end up I have to have water around me. First it was the sea, then a mountain brook and lake and here in Abiquiu the mighty Rio grande. Marshy waters or wetlands are of course home to wading birds and ducks, so another connection to the bird Goddess. Wetlands are liminal spaces — always full of surprises for a naturalist or anyone that appreciates the fact that so many animals and birds live in these riparian areas.

A Brief History of the Women's Donor Activist Movement

I am definitely a water woman! I have dreamed images of bird goddesses… wonder if others have too? I live in Phoenix and for years have had Datura thriving by my back gate and near my front door. I really enjoyed your article. Yes, Datura is extremely poisonous… and the element of danger is real. But oh, it really is an amazing plant. Thank you Sara for this exploration of Datura. A powerful plant. Native people may have used it as medicine but we in current day culture do not know how to use it.

by Julia Hughes Jones

Some women have experimented with it on their own and ended up in mental wards of the psychiatric hospitals. Practice communicating with it outside of your body. Thanks again for your post. Sara, I thoroughly enjoy how you connect human social processes with otherkind social processes. Lovely insights come from your elegant exposure of the kinships, functions, dysfunctions… fascinating.

There are witches.

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