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As the collective voices of this book so poignantly, sometimes humorously, sometimes rawly, reveal, it was their uncommon and generous humanity that made them heroes. Volume II boasts nearly private collection photos, as well as more never-before-seen poetry, art and songs. Ideal for all generations, both books easily answer the question: What is a hero? As the collective voices of this Volume II book so poignantly, sometimes humorously, sometimes rawly, reveal, it was their uncommon and generous humanity that made them heroes. Joe Taylor. John Wayne on Facebook. Gene Autry on Facebook.

Western Movies on Facebook. Gene Autry Fan Club. Leave a Comment. PDF Text. Little Trigger was not mounted. Perhaps that was his best reward for contributing so much to Roy Rogers' career. Once described as romantically picturesque, Victorville became a generic retirement area best described as typical of contemporary America with strip malls, industrial blight, and condos everywhere.

Out in front of its "Fort Apache" styled structure, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum featured a huge statue of Trigger in the classic rearing pose. Inside was the mounted Trigger. At the museum's peak of popularity it was estimated some , visitors attended each year, and most of them went to see Trigger. Dusty Rogers said, "We close at five and stop selling tickets at But people come after that and beg to get in for a few minutes. They drove 3, miles just to see Trigger. We let them in - and they go away, happy.

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A portion of the statue's anatomy was also painted blue over the same weekend. The following Monday the statue had been restored. The aged "King of the Cowboys" used it to get around the huge Victorville museum. Painted in a white script font on the side of the diminutive vehicle was the name "Trigger III. The building, located at Green Mountain Drive, includes a seat theatre which is home base to Dusty Rogers and his band, the High Riders. Dusty's son Dustin was appointed general manager, a job that includes running the museum, theater, and gift shop with the help of other family members.

The museum displays are arranged on both sides of a horseshoe-shaped walk which resembles an old western town. The centerpiece behind glass is Trigger. It's critical that Roy Rogers' children have the celebrity to draw fans to their theatre on a regular basis. Their audience may shrink as baby boomers age and cannot travel as much. Dusty Rogers will be past normal retirement age in Gene Autry will probably be the only B-western star whose name will endure and carry the legacy of the B-western cowboy into the future.

This will be done through the Autry National Center. This great resource will remain viable for learning and entertainment for decades to come. Unfortunately, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, everything in it and the land it sat on, was not put into a trust. Apparently it wasn't thought to be necessary because the museum was already a tax exempt institution. The bill was in the amount of one half of the IRS's assessed value of the museum, contents, and land.

The values were apparently based on the overblown prices people were willing to pay at an estate sale for Roy Rogers memorabilia. It took months to straighten the situation out. During a Museum Board of Directors meeting in Apple Valley in , Dusty Rogers was asked about the possibility of the Smithsonian owning Trigger and the other horses. He denied there was any truth to the rumor.

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Dusty said that Trigger, Trigger, Jr. Dale Evans, he said, made an outright gift of them to the museum shortly before her death in December In the end, Trigger will never be owned by a collector, fan, or private individual. Despite what Dusty Rogers says, it's been rumored that Trigger, Buttermilk, et al. The deal was made as part of the tax settlement; their value was deducted from the tax bill, and they were loaned to the museum for display. The official word is that "Trigger, Trigger Jr. In turn, we can only donate them to another non-profit c 3 foundation.

The Smithsonian has expressed interest in Trigger, and it will be his last stop when we are done. Nellybelle belongs to the Rogers family. It's sad. My horse's gone. But it's life. Roy Rogers' family intended that he go out with the same flair with which he lived; that was obvious from his funeral with its honor guard, horse-drawn caisson, and such.

However, given all the "Triggers" Rogers used throughout his career, one wonders why there wasn't a palomino look-alike present. As a very important part of Rogers' image, "Trigger" in his fancy show saddle should have been part of the funeral procession. Rogers' trademark white hat could have hung off the right side of the saddle horn, one of his colorful neckerchiefs on the other side, and reversed boots in the stirrups. A riderless palomino would have been a memorable and powerful statement.

When it came to his career, Roy Rogers often cited three lucky breaks: Gene Autry going into the army; being able to sneak on to the Republic Pictures lot for an audition after he learned almost by accident that the studio was looking for a singing cowboy; and finding Trigger. Rogers said, "Without those three incidents, there wouldn't have been a Roy Rogers. Spirits were high, hugs were had and everyone seemed to be genuinely looking forward to the weekend ahead.

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The show was beautiful - a virtual museum of the finest historic, antique and new Western-inspired creations from master artisans. The auction saleroom was buzzing with activity as visitors lined up to have their photo taken in Roy Rogers fabulous car with Dusty Rogers at their side. The entire event was fabulous and fruitful on all levels.

Denver, and the rest of the country came out to buy from and bid on the best. They came by car, train and yes, private jets. Very cool indeed. This year's Old West Auction proved that the public still loves Roy and Dale; the Western art and collectibles market continues to improve; and great items will always do well. Museum pieces "with a personal direct connection to Roy" did the best, says Brian Lebel.

Some things, according to Lebel, "are just too important to pass up. The new city seems happy to welcome Lebel's event. An invitation-only party was held atop Lookout Mountain at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Golden, CO, where guests enjoyed a barbecue dinner and drinks at sunset. People are still talking about the buffalo ribs! The public was welcome to a Friday night art-walk and cocktail party hosted by local galleries on Wazee Street in Denver's LoDo arts district.

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Thousands attended the combined events. Lebel says, "Even in today's volatile economy, people from all over the world participated and were glad they did. The man behind the beauty, Chuck Smith, master leather carver and designer couldn't have been more excited. He sent samples of a design he thought Clapton would like and, in short order, Eric's blessing and a down payment was received. Over the next few months, Chuck went on to create the "one of a kind" tooled leather guitar cover using his signature asymmetrical floral design and the highest quality leather possible.

Clapton's signature is embossed on the top and the back features a stained ostrich-skin panel. As the final touch, Chuck incorporated engraved silver plates for both support and beauty, which were created by none other than SilverKing USA. Congratulations from all of us at High Noon on this spectacular and exciting project.

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And, just a side note to Mr. Clapton from those of us who embrace the mastery of Western craftsmen - it's all in the way that you use it A Legacy Lives On The auction, with no reserves, will include over iconic lots from suits by Nudie the Tailor, saddles, personal photos, awards, the famous Nellybelle jeep from the s TV Show, to arguably, the most famous horse of all time, Trigger. This historic sale will pay tribute to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans who will always remain renowned for their wholesome and caring treatment of their family, friends, and fans. Trigger also reached legendary status in his own right, and is undeniably one of the most memorable horses that ever lived.

Then came the application of hundreds of genuine collectible silver dollars, along with chrome-plated pistols, horseshoes, miniature horses and rifles.

The Last Roundup at Former Museum

Edward H. Bohlin's "TAXIN" model black, floral carved silver and gold mounted parade saddle with three-dimensional gold rodeo scenes on the corners including bareback riders, bronc busters, bulldoggers, calf ropers and steerheads. Round figural horsehead conchos on the corners and around the perimeter.

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In addition to her successful TV shows, more than thirty films and some two hundred songs, Evans wrote the well-known song "Happy Trails. Embraced by fans all over the world, the museum was deeply personal and displayed family photos dating back to Roy and Dale's childhood.

swinarasti.ml It also included colorful costumes, parade saddles, memorabilia from the silver screen and television, artifacts from Roy's real-life safari adventures, tributes to his friends and sidekicks, pictures from the early days of The Sons of the Pioneers , and an assortment of artifacts meaningful to Roy and Dale. Please note that High Noon Western Americana, in conjunction with the Rogers family, did try to place Trigger, Buttermilk and Bullet with a national museum, so that they could be enjoyed by all fans.

However, the recession has left most institutions struggling to maintain their staffs let alone expand their permanent collections. About High Noon For over 20 years, High Noon has served as the nation's catalyst for the rich and exuberant Western Americana market, the arts created during this vibrant time in American history plus the works from today's Western artists and artisans have been catapulted to the forefront in the world of collecting and investing.

High Noon is the nation's definitive resource for information, historical perspectives and market valuations for all that encompasses this collecting genre.